Review: The Pier Business Class Lounge at Hong Kong International

See why The Pier is one of our favorite Business Class lounges in the world.

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If you’ve ever flown through Hong Kong in a premium cabin on Cathay Pacific or a oneworld carrier, you’ve probably asked yourself this question:

Which lounge should I go to?

We’ll make this easy. Because for us, the answer has almost always been The Pier, Business when flying Business Class. Even when traveling in First Class, we typically find our way back to The Pier despite the Cabanas available at The Wing, First.

Of course, given that we just had a long layover in Hong Kong on our way to Phuket, we had plenty of time to revisit one of our favorite Business Class lounges.

The lounge is divided into 7 “rooms”, including a new Yoga studio that just opened earlier this year.

The Sanctuary
Food Hall
Noodle Bar
Tea House
Relaxation Room

Hours of operation for The Pier are from 5:30am to 12:30am daily. Access is restricted to Business and First Class travelers on Cathay Pacific or its oneworld partners, select Marco Polo Club members, and oneworld Sapphire and Emerald elites.

The Pier, Business and The Pier, First are located on the 6th floor (Departures level) of Terminal 1. If you’re coming from the main area of the terminal, you’ll pass The Bridge as you follow the signs to gates 40-80. After riding a few moving walkways, an elevator and escalator between gates 63 and 65 on the left hand side will take you to the entrance downstairs.

The Sanctuary by Pure Yoga

While 6 of the 7 lounge spaces are opposite the check-in desk, The Sanctuary can be found by turning right at the check-in counter. The Sanctuary is a newly-opened, dedicated space for yoga and meditation.

Within The Sanctuary, you’ll find yoga mats with instructional videos, interactive audio/visual meditation booths, stretching seats, and a mandala feature wall for focus and relaxation.

The Sanctuary is still quite new to The Pier, having just been completed in 2019. But it’s a great, and very unique addition that presents a neat lounge experience for body and mind wellness and rejuvenation.

Food Hall

The Food Hall is the primary dining area, and is the first food and beverage room you walk through upon entering the lounge.

It features a beverage section with fruit juices, soft drinks, beers, and water, as well as a hot and cold spread of primarily Western food options. While the cold foods remained consistent throughout the day, the hot foods rotated for lunch at 11am. Cold foods included salads, sandwiches, deli meats & cheeses, pastries, fresh-cut fruit, and yogurt.

The hot breakfast foods included scrambled eggs, sauteed mushrooms, grilled tomato, veal sausage, and grilled ham. In the afternoon, these were replaced with pizza, vegetable curry, stir fried vegetables, seasoned chicken, and ravioli.

This section of the lounge also houses a coffee cart, with an attendant who curates specialty coffee orders.

Behind the coffee cart, a small row of 3 iMacs, desk lamps, and printers make up the business center.

The Food Hall has a large variety of food items that rotate throughout the year, which means there’s always something different to try, even for frequent travelers. There’s something for everyone, and the food quality is consistently excellent.


The Bar, which is the room immediately following the Food Hall, has an incredibly extensive selection of alcohol, in addition to trail mix and Doritos (which are awkwardly served in wide jars with skinny mouths, and metal tongs).

A beverage and wine list is provided, though the bartenders are happy to go off menu:

Bar seating is available, as are tons of tables and other seating areas that run the entire length of the lounge.

The seats near the floor-to-ceiling windows toward the back offer great views of planes on the tarmac.

Noodle Bar

The Noodle Bar is a major highlight of visiting any one of Cathay Pacific’s Hong Kong lounges. And the Noodle Bar at The Pier is no exception.

At the Noodle Bar is a short menu of noodle soups (which can be ordered without noodle) and “bao” (buns). Here’s what was on the menu today:

Vegetable Tom Yum soup and Braised Beef noodle soup are in the rotation but unfortunately weren’t offered today.

There are also a few rotating hot food items along the wall. Today’s menu included congee, stir fried noodles and vegetables, and a variety of shrimp and vegetable dim sum options.

Like the other food and beverage rooms in The Pier, the Noodle Bar has the same selection of fruit juices, beers, soft drinks, and infused/purified water.

The Noodle Bar is my favorite feature of The Pier, as I absolutely love the noodle soup and dim sum options that are offered. My go-to dishes are the braised beef noodle soup, shrimp hagaau, and beef siu mai.

Tea House

The Tea House is one of the quietest areas of The Pier, and visiting this section of the lounge is a must for tea connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

10 JING tea options are always on display, but the Tea House also rotates a seasonal special, which, as the name suggests, varies depending on the time of year.

Like every room in The Pier, there is plenty of seating.

The Tea House also has a handful of light snacks to accompany your tea selection — including almond puffs, sesame peanut brittle, chocolate pastries, and Dan Tat (egg tart). For non tea drinkers, there are also healthy house-made smoothies available.

Shower Rooms

During long layovers, our very first order of business is always walking to the end of the lounge to shower in one of 14 fantastic shower rooms. There generally isn’t much of a wait, if at all.

Shower rooms at The Pier are full bathrooms with a toilet, sink, and shower, and come equipped with a full set of toiletries to freshen up.

Showers, courtesy of Cathay Pacific

At the shower check-in desk, you can also select from a list of additional complementary toiletries like hair products and aerosol deodorant, or grab extra towels.

Shower rooms at The Pier are kept impeccably clean, and refreshed between every use (dark spots on the wall in the shower are just water).

The showers feature both rainfall and handheld shower heads, and premium Aesop products.

The Aesop products are one of the best parts of showering at The Pier — they smell and feel absolutely incredible. If they weren’t so expensive, I would use them every day.

Separate from the shower rooms are two washrooms at the front and middle areas of the lounge, which are always kept extremely tidy and have private stalls. The washrooms also have Aesop soaps at each of the sinks.

Relaxation Room

The Relaxation Room is located at the very end of the lounge, just after the showers. Upon entering, you’ll find a large sectional couch with armrests between each seat.

Behind the dividers are over a dozen semi-private daybeds, which are great for longer layovers when you need a quiet space to nap. The biggest frustration you may experience in the Relaxation Room are the insane snorers and inconsiderate travelers who take phone calls there. Unfortunately, The Pier receives a lot of traffic throughout the day, so I often find it difficult to nap on these loungers without a good set of earplugs and noise canceling headphones.


The Pier is a huge lounge that features a handful of unique lounging spaces with tons of seating in every room, and great views of the tarmac to watch as planes are washed and serviced. We rate it as one of the top Business Class lounges in the world, and our go-to lounge when we fly through Hong Kong. While Cathay Pacific has 5 other lounges at Hong Kong International Airport, we almost always choose The Pier.

The unique offerings of the Tea House and Sanctuary, as well as premium Aesop shower products, almost make The Pier a destination of its own for Business Class or Elite travelers. And between the Noodle Bar, Food Hall, and Bar, there’s an enormous selection of fantastic food and beverage that is hard to beat at any other Business Class lounge worldwide.

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