The Flight Brothers has a new look! The website rebuild is finally over

We’re officially sun setting the old website layout, and are back better than ever!

We’ve got a little good news in the midst of the madness. You probably noticed that the site was down for a week with a message about something new coming… thanks for your patience!

The Flight Brothers now has a new look! Clearly, the old site needed a makeover — we just needed to figure out when to do it. When we started The Flight Brothers, we built it on a basic platform that was fairly limited. As the site has grown, we needed customization tools to better deliver content to a larger audience.

Unfortunately, that meant taking it all down for a bit, so we went a little quiet for a short blip. But given the current climate with COVID-19, we haven’t been traveling and figured this would be a really good time to make some changes.

As such, we’ve got a brand new layout that hopefully should be easier to use and way more intuitive. Take a look around, and if you do happen upon any weird bugs, we’d love it if you dropped us a quick note on our Contact page. We’ll probably be making a few hot fixes in the coming days as we get used to the new format, but it won’t be anything too crazy.

For posterity, here’s a look at the old website before we took it down.

We’ll definitely be sticking that bad boy deep in the archives.

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