Lyft & Grubhub announce new partnership that Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholders will love

Lyft Pink adds Grubhub+ membership, marking another win for Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholders.

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In what has become a hyper-competitive service industry over the last couple of years, Grubhub and Lyft made an announcement this morning that makes the food delivery and ride sharing landscape even more interesting.

Today, Grubhub announced an exclusive partnership with Lyft, providing all Lyft Pink members with a complimentary Grubhub+ subscription. Here are the full press releases from Grubhub and Lyft.

What’s changing?

Starting today, all new and existing Lyft Pink memberships include complimentary access to Grubhub+, which, by extension, also includes Seamless+ (who merged with Grubhub in 2013).

Grubhub+ is a $10/month membership that includes the following benefits:

  • Free delivery: On orders of $12 or more from Grubhub+ restaurants.
  • VIP access: Access to priority care for customer service issues. 
  • Membership perks: Exclusive access to deals, local events, and experiences.
  • Donation matching: Grubhub will match your donation if you ‘donate the change’ from your orders.
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What this means for Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholders

Well, if having complimentary DoorDash DashPass wasn’t enough to satisfy your food delivery service cravings, your complimentary Lyft Pink subscription just earned you another free food delivery membership.

Thanks to new improvements to Chase Sapphire cards in 2020, all cardmembers holding a Chase Sapphire Reserve now not only have complimentary DoorDash DasshPass and Lyft Pink memberships, but we also have Grubhub+!

How to activate your free Grubhub+ membership

To activate your Grubhub+ subscription, go to: and follow the steps to link your Lyft Pink account to Grubhub+. Once you complete the activation, you should see this banner confirming your membership when you log in and click on the Grubhub+ membership icon:

You can do the same for Seamless+ at, although I’m not sure Seamless+ includes any restaurants that aren’t already on Grubhub+ (I have not used Seamless before).

Note: Your Lyft Pink subscription must be active in order to activate Grubhub+.

Final thoughts

This partnership doesn’t strike me as particularly surprising given how much pressure ride share companies are under right now. It’s no secret that ride sharing has taken a huge hit in 2020 thanks to the pandemic.

Uber Eats has kept Uber afloat — so much, in fact, that after losing the bid to acquire Grubhub this summer, they picked up Postmates for $2.65 billion. So I see this is a much needed partnership for Lyft — who do not have a food delivery arm — to bolster their Link Pink membership value. I’d previously mentioned that $20/month for Lyft Pink seemed pretty steep to me, so this definitely makes it a more compelling value.

On that same note, this is a major push from Grubhub to remain competitive in what has more recently been a losing battle at the top of the delivery food chain. DoorDash (45%) and Uber Eats (28%) have stolen a significant amount of market share from Grubhub (17%) over the last 2 years.

Food delivery market share, courtesy of Edison Trends

Of course from a consumer perspective — and as a Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholder — having one more free food delivery membership is a treat, especially if you’re like me and live in a big city like NY or LA. Don’t forget to check your Amex Offers, since American Express frequently offers extra Membership Rewards points or statement credits for Grubhub purchases!

Let us know what you think about this new partnership, and if you’re planning on activating your Grubhub+ membership.

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